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2013-2014 Repertory

...And Now Marvin (1994)
Choreographer: Darryl B. Sneed
This work pays tribute to the legendary artist Marvin Gaye. He was an extraordinary singer, composer and arranger. Through his music he expressed despondency over key issues of his generation: politics, the war in Vietnam, the ecology and human conditions.

Awassa Astrige/Ostrich (1932; DBDT Premiere 2002)
Choreographer: Asadata Dafora
The ostrich is not the comic bird, burying its head in the sand, as typically portrayed in cartoons, but it is a large, stately and potentially lethal bird should you suffer a blow from one of its powerful legs. The ostrich commands our respect, and in this portrayal, a warrior imitates the graceful but powerful movements of the King of the birds.

Instinct: 11.1 (DBDT Premiere 2010)
Choreographer: Francesca Harper
Dedicated to my mother, Denise Jefferson.

Journey to the One: A Tango (solo excerpt) (2003)
Choreographer: Nejla Y. Yatkin
This work was featured by Ms. Yatkin in Alpha to Omega: A Five Year Retrospective and is considered by critics as one of her best works.

Lost in Memory (2006)
Choreographer: Nejla Y. Yatkin
A group work in two sections depicting playful childhood games. Performed with text inspired by Alan Lightman.

Polarity (2013)
Choreographer: Richard A. Freeman, Jr.
A relationship between two opposing attributes.

Requiem (2008; DBDT Premiere 2014)
Choreographer: Chang Yong Sung
Requiem follows two men who alternate between friendly and antagonistic interactions.

Reflections in D (1962; DBDT Premiere 1987)
Choreographer: Alvin Ailey
This strong yet serene solo is a stunning, masterful expression of Duke Ellington's music.

Southern Recollections: For Romare Bearden (World Premiere 2013)
Choreographer: Bridget L. Moore
Dedicated to the life and work of Romare Bearden- Each collage depicts a series of collected memories, forging the past and the present. Mr. Bearden left a legacy of art that is socially relevant, depicts beauty in color, revealing his love and passion for humanity. Romare Bearden once remarked "modern painting progresses through cumulative destructions and new beginnings."

The Nina Simone Project (2011)
Choreographer: Dianne McIntyre
Choreographer, Dianne McIntyre and DBDT Founder/Artistic Director, Ann M. Williams collaborate to escort the audience through the life and times of American singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger and civil rights activist Nina Simone. The ballet interprets the life and times of Ms. Simone from early childhood, through civil rights, to her later life through dance and movement of the entire company.

Thinking of You (World Premiere 2012)
Choreographer: Rennie Harris

Thrown for a Loop (2012; DBDT Premiere-May 2014)
Choreographer: Lily Weiss

Una Familia, Todos Unidos (Premiere-February 2014)
Choreographers: Gumaro Armando Silva and Richard A. Freeman, Jr.

Vespers (1986, DBDT Premiere 2011)
Choreographer: Ulysses Dove
Vespers captures the passion and spirituality of women who have a faith and belief in God that sustains and supports them all their lives. The work is a recreation of the spirit Ulysses Dove gained from watching these women in church and is dedicated to his grandmother.

New Work (Premiere-March 2014)
Choreographer: Katricia Eaglin

New Work (Premiere-February 2014)
Choreographer: Christopher L. Huggins

New Work (Premiere-May 2014)
Choreographer: Christopher Vo